The Easy Way to Install a TV Lift Bed

09 Feb

What is so nice about having a TV Lift Bed? In a society where we're more mobile than ever before, our bedrooms are often one of the last places that we tend to visit. While the days of putting the family together for an evening of TV viewing may be gone, our bedrooms still serve as somewhere for us to curl up with a good book and a nice soak in the bath. It's nice to know that a TV Lift Bed could provide this same function for your bedroom, but without all the hassle and possibly added expense. Since these items are already pre-made, the installation of such a set up typically only requires about 20 minutes or less.

To install a TV lift bed, start by assembling the necessary hardware such as the four corner posts that hold up the mattress, as well as the four corner feet that attach the mattress to the floor and the TV itself. Next, install the four corner posts using the supplied screws and nails. Attach the mattress to the four corner posts using the provided screws and nailing. Lastly, secure the mattress to the floor using the provided staples and aluminum strips. Your TV lift footboards should now be assembled and attached to the walls. Discover more about TV beds here. 

Now that your TV lift Footboard is assembled, you need to assemble the various components that go along with it. These include the mattress support system, the TV, and the bed frame. The mattress support system will ensure that your TV is held up correctly during use. Installing a television can be somewhat complicated, so it's important that you get everything lined up correctly and square before you put the bed frame together. To do this, it would probably be a good idea to have someone else help you.

When installing the mattress, the usa tv bed manufacturer ensures that the mattress goes on all four corners of the TV and that it is resting level. To test if the mattress is level, simply place a piece of paper underneath the TV. If the paper is beneath the television when it is laid flat, then the mattress is level. If the mattress is too high or too low, it could be due to the way the bed frame is constructed. If the mattress is too high, then there might be too much room from the wall above the TV and this would result in the TV being slightly off-center when it is placed on top of the bed frame.

With these three steps complete, you are now ready to attach the bed frame to the wall. Once this is done, attach the side pieces of the bed frame to the side of the TV using the provided screws and nailing. After the side pieces of the bed frame are attached, attach the end pieces of the bed frame to the wall next to the TV using the same screws and nailing. You must ensure that the bed frame extends at least 4 inches from the wall behind the TV to prevent damage from occurring to the TV.

Installing a TV lift is quite simple and with some patience, you should be able to complete the task without any further errors or complications. When your TV lift bed has been installed correctly, you will be able to easily access the sleeping areas of your children. You can also use the footboard to conveniently store other items, such as books and DVDs that you would like to read or watch while watching your favorite TV shows. Get more details about furniture here:

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